For English speakers

For English speakers

Feeling lost in a strange country? Knowing you should be happy, but you’re not? Just not working out for you, and in need of an empathic ear to listen to you? You’re welcome to come talk to me.

Having lived in the United States and in the United Kingdom I know from experience how overwhelming moving and settling can be. I spent five years in New York, six years in Washington DC and three in London before returning to my native Holland in 2008. Coming back to the country I was born in, felt like another expat move.

Talk about feeling lost. My late wife used to say “home is where your stuff is”. That approach works, yes. But what do you do when your heart is protesting? When things just aren’t working out, for whatever reason? Who do you turn to in a foreign country when your relationship sours, when you lose a loved one or when you feel stuck in your job or your life?

I offer life counseling to English speaking clients at my own private practice in Amsterdam-Zuid. During one or more therapy consults you and I can explore not only what’s bothering you now, but also on what preceded this. I like to focus on your personal life story by trying out methods that are based on the principles of systemic work, transactional analysis and neuro-linguistic programming.

Bottom-line, I offer you an environment in which you can safely open up, share and rely on a professional therapist who may be able to offer the help you need.

I prefer to meet first to make sure that you and I feel the right connection to proceed or not. For this initial consult I charge 60 euros (incl. VAT).

Per 1 hour and 15 mins follow-up session I charge 115 euros (incl. VAT) for private clients. When your employer pays for the sessions, the fee is 145 (excl. VAT).

You may reach me by email: or by phone: 06-23275534

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